Schlegel Greenhouse & Hoosier Boy Plant Co.

Schlegel Greenhouse is a wholesale nursery that has operated out of the South Side of Indianapolis since 1972. Founded by Louis Francis Schlegel and currently owned by his son Paul Schlegel. Schlegel Greenhouse is committed to providing the highest quality plant material throughout the Midwest, currently servicing stores in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

The customers we service are Non-Profit Organizations, Landscapers, and Independent Garden Centers, and now, houseplant lovers everywhere! Our plant material is grown with our high-end retail customers in mind. We know that our customers are competing with large box stores and our mission is to provide these independents with healthy and vibrant plant material that sells fast and gives their customers an experience that they won’t find at large chains.

We provide plant material throughout the year, whether it’s our unique selection of houseplants, our fall decorating catalog, the highest quality poinsettias, or an expansive and engaging spring catalog. We also provide our customers with online ordering featuring true live inventory so they can have more assurances that the plant material they need, will be the plant material they get.

We have two locations a quarter mile away from each other both staffed with growers that each have over 20 years of growing experience. This expertise ensures that our plant material will be handled in a responsible and sustainable fashion. Biological controls, soft chemicals, and organic fertilization and stimulation materials give our plants a vibrancy and health that can’t be matched.

Contact us today if you are interested in becoming a customer. We believe in developing relationships with our customers that allows us to handle our customers with care that larger growers can’t.