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since 1972

Your trusted wholesale plant supplier.

Welcome to Hoosier Boy

We are a wholesale grower located on the southside of Indianapolis. We supply local independent garden centers, small houseplant shops and other locally owned businesses.

Our Commitment

We are dedicated to producing
a diverse collection of plant material while utilizing the most sustainable growing methods possible.

Educating Plant Lovers

We are passionate about sharing years of combined knowledge with our customers and our customer’s customer. We’re here to help guide and encourage all plant lovers through their journey.

A hand holding a house plantA small cactus blooming in a pot

unique house plants

At Hoosier Boy, we're not your average plant enthusiasts. We're on a relentless quest to discover and nurture exceptional houseplants that defy expectations. Through innovative in-house propagation techniques and strategic partnerships with premium farms, our selection is in a constant state of flux. While we thrive on the excitement of the new, we're also deeply rooted in cultivating beloved, time-tested classics. From the elegant alocasia to the versatile philodendron, the enchanting hoya to the resilient cacti - our curated collection is a testament to nature's endless wonders. Join us in embracing the extraordinary green tapestry that is Hoosier Boy!

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flower in a potbeautiful orange and red blossoms with green leaves

Not your average annual

While our lineup of options remains in constant motion, we also persistently nurture established and dependable annual classics. Among our most cherished assortments are Geraniums, Petunias, Impatiens, Begonias, Salvias, and Lantanas. These  favorites not only showcase an array of vibrant colors and rich textures but also boast effortless cultivation, making them perfect for both seasoned and budding gardeners alike.

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Knowledgable Staff

"My customers love the plants we carry at the store and everything always sells through quickly. An added bonus is the staff is kind and helpful, responsive and knowledgeable about what they sell."

Stomping Ground

High Quality

"In the 31 years I have been associated with purchasing from Schlegel Greenhouse, the consistency of quality has never disappointed. "

Country Harmony Home & Garden Center

Unique Varities

" I have been so impressed with the unique and rare varieties that they continue to bring into the greenhouse, and if I ever have any issues or questions about the plant material, the staff is quick to help."

Rosie's Gardens


Are you open to the public?

Unfortunately, no. We are a Wholesale Supplier only. But, you can find our plants at one of our happy customer's locations by checking out this map here!

Where can I find your plants?

We distribute our plants throughout Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky. To find a retailer near you, click here.

How do I sign up to become a customer?

We require a Resale Tax Certificate or Tax Exemption Certificate and our Customer Setup form. Learn more by downloading our Buyer’s Guide pdf.

What does Hoosier Boy grow?

We specialize in seasonal Annuals and Houseplants. Our houseplant collection is constantly evolving to keep up with trends and market demands. Our seasonal annual program features Early Spring, Mid Spring, Fall (mums), and Holiday Poinsettias.

Do you ship? Where can I receive delivery?

We deliver orders that meet our minimums and are in our delivery zones. Contact us to find out if we deliver to your area. If needed, you may also arrange to pick up your order at our greenhouses.

What are your fundraising opportunities?

We have worked with various groups to provide fundraising plants for over 20 years. Let us help you organize a perfect fundraising event for Spring, Fall, or the Holidays. Click here to read about the process.

Still have questions?

We'd love to hear from you!

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Hoosier Boy is wholesale only, but you can buy our plants at one of our loyal customers' locations! Explore the map below to find a store near you.