ZZ Plant, Swiss Cheese Vine, and Oyster Plant Set


3 Plants in a 4.5″ Grower Pot

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So you already have begun your houseplant collection but are having a hard time finding some of the most trendy options at a price you can afford? This plant pack features some of the most sought after items that are also easy to care for! First plant in the pack is the ZZ Plant which is true to it’s name with it’s ease of care. Simple and glossy green foliage that grow upright whether you care for it or not. The next item is the very popular Monstera Ginny or Swiss Cheese Vine. More compact foliage than the Monstera Deliciosa but just as easy to grow! Expect more fenestration (leaf splitting) than the Monstera Deliciosa. The third item is the Rhoeo Spacathea or “Oyster Plant”. Does well in a wide variety of environments including direct sun. It’s purple foliage underneath the leaves will show prominently especially when paired with green foliage items. 

This pack won’t be around forever so order now and receive your plants in 2-4 days.  

Light Level: Bright indirect light. Direct sun can burn foliage except for Oyster Plant.  

Swiss Cheese Vine Difficulty : Easy

ZZ Plant Difficulty: Easy

Oyster Plant Difficulty: Easy (Water Weekly)

Disclaimer: Most house plants do best when watered from the bottom of the pot.

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 10 in

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