Senecio Rowyleanus “String of Pearls”


One Plant in 6″ Plastic Grower Pot

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The “String of Pearls” plant is one of the most popular houseplants on the market, and it’s easy to see why. No hanging Senecio can match the elegant jade “pearls that this plant will constantly produce to create an elegant hanging item. While they are popular they can be easy to kill. Avoid temptation to water what appears to be a dry plant with this variety being especially vulnerable to root rot and foliage rot. These plants are grown in full sun in our greenhouse and can handle many different types of sun exposure. If you wish to bring your “String of Pearls” outside to dry out or to give it a healthy amount of water, make sure you don’t expose this plant to the full sun. This can burn the foliage. Water sparingly and only when dry. Allow water to drain through bottom of the pot to prevent root rot and foliage damage.

Uses: String of Bananas prefer higher light areas of the home. Works great as a trailing option on plant shelves. Water only when dry and make sure water runs through the pot to prevent root rot. 

Level of Difficulty: Moderate


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