Senecio Jacobsenii “Trailing Jade”


One Plant in 4.5″ Plastic Grower Pot

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Trailing Jade (Kleinia petraea, previously Senecio jacobsenii) (Jeffrey): Bears a strong resemblance to the Crassula Jades, but is in fact unrelated. This variety is native to the highlands of Tanzania and Kenya where it creeps along as a ground cover. In cultivation it also shines in a hanging pots, which allows its thick stems to form a dense cascade up to 4.0′ long.

The smooth, spoon-shaped leaves of Trailing Jade stand upright on their stems. Moderate stress from bright sun or cool temperatures (40F-50F) can induce vibrant flushing from lilac to magenta.

This variety is a shy, unreliable bloomer. When they do appear, its showy flowers are bright orange and shaped like a paintbrush, but few find their smell appealing. It is, however, simple to cut the blooms off without harming the plant.

Trailing Jade thrives in well-draining pots and gritty soil with at least 50% inorganic material, e.g. coarse sand, perlite, or pumice. Water deeply enough for water to run out the drainage hole, but do not re-water until the soil has completely dried. This plant tolerates pruning well and the cuttings can re-root and be transplanted.

Level of Difficulty: Easy

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