Sansevieria Ehrenbergii “Sansevieria Samurai Dwarf”


One Plant in 3″ Plastic Grower Pot

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Sansevieria Ehrenbergii “Samurai Dwarf”: This short perennial succulent is one of 70 or so Sansevieria or snake plants species. The variegated evergreen green leaves take on a V-shape, with a slight red tint along the edges and tips. Due to the alternating pattern of leaf growth, the plant takes on a spiral appearance when viewed from above.

Light: Bright indirect light for best results. 

Water: As a succulent, the samurai stores water in its leaves. Your plant will need far less water than your other houseplants.

Humidity: Normal home humidity is fine!  

Temperature: Average home temperature of 65°F-75°F

Toxicity: Not known to be toxic but best practice is to keep away from small children and pets. 

Growth Habit/Shape: Only grows 4″ to 6″

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