Premium Haworthia Mix


3 Plants in 3 4.5″ Grower Pots

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In this pack you will receive a Zebra Haworthia, a Fairy Washboard Haworthia, and a Pentagona Haworthia. Haworthia are a prized collectors plant and have always been among my favorite plants for a couple of reasons. The variety of textures and colors are obviously appealing, but the biggest reason of all  is how you can put them literally ANYWHERE in the home. In ideal growing conditions they prefer direct sun or indirect sun and require watering only once every 2 weeks and monthly during shorter days. If you wish to place this plant in an area with very low light such as a bookshelf or a vanity, these plants can maintain their form for longer periods than almost any other plant you can buy. If growing in a darker location water very sparingly and only when totally dry using bottom watering methods and avoiding letting water set on its unique foliage. 

Difficulty Level: VERY Easy

Weight 3.77 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 10 in

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