Premium House Plant Starter Pack


3 Plants in a 4.5″ Grower Pot

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Want to get into house plants? This starter pack gets you on the right track! In this set you will receive a extremely easy to grow and beautiful Pearls and Jade Pothos vine. A nearly unkillable Starpower Snake Plant. Plus you will receive a 6″ String of pearls plant that people have been talking about for years! All of these plants will do beautifully in bright indirect light with the Snake Plant being great just about anywhere besides direct sun. 

This pack won’t be around forever so order now and receive your plants in 2-4 days.  

Light Level: Bright indirect light. Direct sun can burn foliage.  

Pothos Difficulty Level: Easy

Snake Plant DIfficulty Level: Easy

String of Pearls Difficulty Level: Moderate

Disclaimer: Most house plants do best when watered from the bottom of the pot. This is especially true of the String of Pearls.

Weight 3.77 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 12 in

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