House Plant Essentials 3 Pack


3 Plants in a 4.5″ Grower Pot

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Very excited to introduce a brand new three pack at our best price yet! This House Plant Essentials 3 Pack gets you three items you need to complete your house plant collection at home. In this 3 pack are the following items.

4.5″ Philodendron Cordatum or “Heart Leaf Philodendron” – Philodendron Cordatum is a beautiful species of Philodendron featuring lush green heart shaped foliage that will climb and trail in a happy environment. Philodendron Cordatum prefer bright indirect light levels and requires weekly watering in a 4.5″ pot.

4.5″ Spider Plant – Take a time machine to the 70s and enjoy the beautiful variegated foliage of the Spider Plant. These plants prefer to run dry and once they are pot bound, they will begin sending out delightful little “Spider” that can either be enjoyed on the plant or plucked for your own propagation projects in the home. Avoid direct sun exposure and water once every 10 days.

4.5″ Sansevieria Starpower Ocean – Sansevieria or Snake Plants are a can’t miss house plant that will outlast all other house plants in the home. Bright indirect light? No problem. Darker areas without natural light? No problem! Watering Snake Plants is something that only needs to be done when these plants are dry, and avoid watering in darker areas. Snake plants are also the premier air purifying house plant.

Light Level Philodendron Cordatum: Bright indirect light

Light Level Spider Plant: Bright indirect light

Light Level Sansevieria: Bright indirect light but also manageable in darker areas. 

Weight 3.77 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 10 in

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