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Hoosier Boy 3-pack plants consist of three plants from a producer’s decision grouping of little foliage plants.
We will advise you and suggest you the plants that would thrive together in the same season.
We will provide you pack/pots of 3 different plants, all of your choice, colors, shapes, and varieties. The availability of plant may also depend upon the season. Care for all three plants will fluctuate from plant to plant; all in all, spot the plants in a bright room and water week by week.
Even NASA considers that having plants in your home improves your disposition, sparkles innovativeness, and decreases stress or any depression.
Select from the list of more than 2,000 assortments. Shop by your specific area, by class, and by your favored sizes.
Do the same for all three plants; place your order, and we’ll send it just when your plant is prepared.

These 3 Pack Plants are specifically curated for you using high quality plants with similar characteristics. Start your plant shelf today!

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3 Pack Plants

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