A Peperomia Christmas – Peperomia Care Tips & Gifts

All I want for Christmas is a Peperomia

How cute do these Peperomia look under the tree? Peperomias are incredibly easy-going, low-care houseplants–great for beginners! They are a member of the Piperaceae family, and the word Peperomia translates to ‘resembles peppers’. The large group of plants make up 1,500 species, native to the tropical rainforests of Central and South America. The plants come in the shapes of herbaceous plants, climbers, or shrubs – all feature spikes in the place of flowers. If you enjoy foliage plants, and decorative leaf shapes, colors, and markings, the Peperomia plant is a great choice for you! Read below for Peperomia care tips.

Who Should Own a Peperomia?

Peperomias are a great houseplant for the new plant parent because they take water sparingly. They’re ok when forgotten about but don’t leave them for too long! When buying one, its good to choose one with bright and healthy looking leaves. A healthy looking plant is a good sign that there are no pests or diseases. This usually shouldn’t be an issue, as Peperomia plants aren’t prone to ailments.

Peperomia Care Tips

Watering: Their semi-succulent properties allow them to store moisture in their thick leaves and stems which allows them to rehydrate themselves in the dry summer months. This also means they take less water than your average plant. For best growth, let the soil completely dry in between watering. Your plant would enjoy misting from time to time to keep the humidity levels up.

Light: When growing a Peperomia indoors, choose a location that offers medium to low light and a place away from direct sunlight.

Soil: For best results, opt for a light houseplant mixture with coarse gravel or perlite, as this will allow the roots access to good air circulation, which is necessary for their health and development. A sign your plants are not receiving enough oxygen is wilting leaves.

Temperature: Peperomias like to stay in warm conditions between 60°F – 80°F (15°C – 27°C). Be sure to keep it away from drafty windows or vents if you live in a colder region.

Schlegel Varieties *all in 3in pots*

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A Peperomia Christmas – Peperomia Care Tips & Gifts

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